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“Outback Survival” by Bob Cooper

Bob is a published author with his latest book “Outback Survival”2nd edition available now from all good bookstores and also available in electronic download for Kindle etc.

Australia has, without question, some of the harshest conditions on Earth, with a host of wildlife and plants that can be both friend and foe in time of need.

Our massive tourism industry is constantly searching for ways to make travel in these conditions safe, but the news regularly features people who have underestimated the wilderness.

This new guide from a world-renowned expert holds the keys to survival and safety when faced with such a serious scenario. 2nd Edition released 20th December 2016 Contains updated information and a whole new chapter with useful tips for off road driving

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The chief instructor is Mr Bob Cooper. Born and educated in Western Australia, Bob has delivered these Outback Safety and Survival courses since 1990 and is considered the leading desert survival instructor in Australia.

Bob conducts survival courses for government agencies and private companies throughout Australia. He has instructed with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Rangers on desert survival courses over a number of years in the USA, and is a frequent guest speaker on ABC talkback radio. He has also featured in several major television documentaries. These include National Geographic America, BBC, Discovery Channel, The World Around Us and 60 Minutes.

Introducing our survival instructors

A team of experienced survival and bushcraft instructors support Bob, each with their own expertise in specific fields.

Bob Cooper

For over 30 years Bob has honed his survival skills by learning from many traditional cultures. His experiences include living for extended periods with Aboriginal people in our Western Desert, sharing bushcraft abilities with the Bushmen of the Kalahari in Botswana also with the Lakota Sioux Indians in Dakota and jungle time with the Orang Asli people in Malaysia.

His roles have included instructing the Special Forces Units, conducting survival courses throughout Australia, lecturing with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Service on survival in the Mexican Desert and delivering wilderness lessons in the UK.

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Cameron Large

Growing up in a small country Qld town gave me plenty of opportunities to be outdoors and we spent most weekend’s bushwalking, fishing and camping. My father was a keen semi and precious stone collector so we spent weeks on end in remote locations searching for the perfect stone. This was a wonderful training ground from an early age to learn the art of being prepared and always having a backup plan.

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Kevin Richardson

Kev grew up in Southern England, his father, being an ardent bird watcher and fresh water fisherman, regularly took him on these trips and introduced him to the wilderness with all its wonders. The natural world was instilled in him from an early age and that commenced his discovery into the world of edible/medicinal native plants.

Kev spent most of his spare time practicing any new skills he had learnt through books or on courses, particularly with Ray Mears.

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Introducing our courses

Wilderness  Survival

Outback Survival

Survival situations can not be anticipated, they just happen. Whether or not you survive such a situation largely depends on the decisions you make in the first few hours. Your decisions can be made easier if you have had some training in what is known as bush survival.

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Outback Survival - Advanced

Outback Survival - Advanced

Bob Cooper’s Advanced Australian Survival Course offers you not only the knowledge of how to cope with just the minimal basic resources but also the opportunity to put those skills into practice. In as real as possible scenario, in a remote location in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

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Victorian Wilderness Survival

Victorian Wilderness Survival

Whenever we expose ourselves to the great outdoors, to adventure, the possibility for a survival scenario exists. Any one of a number of factors can conspire to change our carefully crafted plan into a potential tragedy.
This course will give you the five essential priorities for survival, as well as insights into your personal survival psychology. The five priorities are relevant whether you are in South Australia, South Africa or Venezuela.

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Tracking - NEW

This two day course is designed to be the tracking skills component requirement for a First Response – Search and Rescue Team members. Bob learnt his traditional tracking skills from Australian Aboriginal people, the Kalahari Bushman in Botswana and the Texas Parks and Wildlife service.

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Group & Corporate Team Building Courses

Individually designed incorporating survival, off road driving and search and rescue training.

Bob has been designing courses for 20+ years to suit company requirements from corporate team building to Remote Area training and beyond.

Group size - minimum of 10

Prices available on application.